Dig Deep is an entertaining and educational health and fitness reality show where contestants endure a rollercoaster journey and DIG DEEP within their soul to earn the results they want and transform their lives!

The show’s name “Dig Deep” is based on the theme that contestants must dig deep within themselves to achieve great results.

Prepare to be entertained with raw real life stories of the contestants’ training, dieting, every day lives, the ups and downs, and the crazy events throughout their journey. Scenes may take place in health and fitness facilities, outdoors, parks, track and fields, grocery stores, restaurants, homes, and more.

In the show, contestants do not compete with each other; however, here is why they are considered contestants. They compete against themselves. Achieving great things is about competing against yourself by being better than the person you were yesterday. And, there is always a competition in the mind: 1 is the disciplined mind that tells you what you should be doing, versus 2, the non-disciplined mind that goes off track. To win the competition within the mind, you must listen more to the disciplined mind. This is where you begin to master yourself. These reasons are why your greatest competition is yourself just as it is for these so called contestants.

The cast consists of the contestants, Tee Live, and special guests.

Watch the show in early 2022 by searching “Dig Deep” on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Click on the links below for easy direct access to like or follow the pages and see the episodes when they come out: