Dig Deep is an erratically entertaining and scientifically educational health and fitness reality show where contestants endure a rollercoaster journey and DIG DEEP within their soul to earn the results they want and transform their lives!

The show’s name “Dig Deep” is based on the theme that contestants must dig deep within themselves to achieve great results.

Prepare to be entertained with raw real life stories of the contestants’ training, dieting, every day lives, the ups and downs, and the crazy events throughout their journey. Scenes may take place in health and fitness facilities, outdoors, parks, track and fields, beaches, lakes, oceans, grocery stores, restaurants, homes, and more.

In the show, contestants do not compete with each other; however, here is why they are considered contestants. They compete against themselves. Achieving great things is about competing against yourself by being better than the person you were yesterday. And, there is always a competition in the mind: 1 is the disciplined mind that tells you what you should be doing, versus 2, the non-disciplined mind that monkeys around. To win the competition within the mind, you must listen more to the disciplined mind. This is where you begin to master yourself. These reasons are why your greatest competition is yourself just as it is for these so called contestants.

The cast consists of 4 contestants, Tee Live, and a variety of special guests.

Watch the show in November 2021. Search “Dig Deep” on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


In the second half of July – end of July 2021 is when scouting for the contestants takes place. Anyone who believes they are a great fit for the show is encouraged to apply or anyone you know; however, read the benefits and rewards section as well as the selection criteria below before applying.

There is a great deal involved in the show: significant funds, time, effort, people, and businesses. A serious effort is required. Think it through. Consider your schedule for 3 months straight: August, September, and October. Be certain you want to fully commit to this and that it will fit in your situation.

Apply by calling 604 754 8300 or emailing tee@teelive.world. Explain why you are a great fit. You can also share and forward this site page with anyone you believe is a great fit.

For the right contestants selected, this will be a fun, fulfilling, and rewarding experience.


Let’s talk about the benefits and rewards each contestant gets for being part of the program/show!


  • Ultimately, this about you and earning the results you want, transforming your body, as well as improving your health, fitness, and quality of life!
  • It is also about inspiring the people around you and the viewers watching by sharing your successful journey.


  • Kinesiologist and trainer working with you throughout the 10 week program
  • Diverse 10 week training program valued at ($69 per week plan) + ($69 session x 2 sessions a week) x 10 weeks = $2070 per contestant x 4 contestants = $8280 value for the team
  • Nutritional coaching and customized meal plans valued at $69 per hour x 5 hours = $345 per contestant x 4 contestants = $1380 value for the team
  • Mindset optimization tips and strategies
  • Strategies to eliminate bad habits and to develop good habits
  • Motivation, support, and guidance


  • Team dinner celebration valued at approximately $200
  • $100 cash per contestant x 4 contestants = $400 cash for the team
  • $100 value to restaurants of your choice from a list per contestant x 4 contestants = $400 value for the team
  • $30 value official Dig Deep Show “Digger” shirt representing successful completion of the program per contestant x 4 contestants = $120 value for the team
  • New opportunities may open after the show


  • $2695 value per contestant
  • $10,780 value for the team


Ideal contestant meets all, but if you do not meet all the criteria, you meet MOST of the criteria below.


  • You are driven and motivated to improve your health and fitness. You have a strong desire to prove something to yourself. 
  • You want to transform your body over 10 weeks (20-30 pound weight loss, build muscle, tone, reshape your body, improve performance, etc.)


  • When it gets challenging, you will DIG DEEP within yourself to finish the program successfully
  • Known for being reliable with commitments and your word
  • Have good time management, punctuality, and attendance (show up on time and show up consistently)
  • Adults 19-29 or 29-39
  • No or minor injuries/conditions
  • All personality types welcomed (wild and crazy, loud, bubbly, unique, calm, composed, etc.)


  • Comfortable sharing your story on camera
  • Open to filming in a variety of locations listed in the overview


  • You have time to meet with Tee/team 3 times per week:
    • 1st is for a 1.5 hr exercise session
    • 2nd is for a 1.5 hr exercise session followed by up to 4 hours of filming
    • 3rd is for a 2 hr minimum and up to 6 hr maximum filming


  • July (2nd half): Contestants scouting and interviews with 4 finalists selected at the end of July
  • August (1st half): Preparation, orientations, & 1 week commitment test
  • August (2nd half) – October (end): Training & filming
  • November: Show starts airing


  • Have a car and drive or will transit
  • Lives within a 45 minute drive from Surrey