Bootcamp group fitness class has started! Now is a great time to do this. Get outdoors, have fun in the sun, and interact safely with others. Achieve, improve, or maintain your health and fitness goals with a good effort. Depending on your goals, you can lose weight, tone, destress; and improve strength, muscle gain, cardiovascular health, energy, bone density, and flexibility. You can prevent and speed healing of injuries too.

The mind will become more clear. Mood also improves.

You will get motivation, structure, training, nutrition tips, injury prevention and rehabilitation tips, and mindset tools of success.

It is safe because there are COVID safety protocols, it’s outdoors, so there’s space for distancing and clean air, and more people have been vaccinated!


Generally, it consist of strength training exercises using body weight known as calisthenics, strength training exercises using dumbbells, and strength training exercises using resistance bands. There are cardio exercises involving jogs, runs, and sprints. Sprints are under 1 minute usually. Jogs and runs can range from 2-5 minutes. Training takes place on a grass field. There are cement pathways surrounding the park as well which are used for running. In between certain traditional strength and cardio exercises, there are short light recovery exercises that are fun. Because of the pandemic, a lot of the structure of bootcamp sessions will be different from the past and adjusted to meet safety guidelines.


For beginner and moderate fitness levels for women and men. Majority are in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Come yourself, with a friend, partner, or family.


Surrey’s Cloverdale Hillcrest Park at 6530 185 Street Surrey.



  • Water
  • Exercise mat
  • 2 dumbbells you would use for bicep curls (common weights are 10 or 12 or 15 pound sets which you can buy at Walmart or Fitness Depot in Langley)
  • A resistance band (ones with handles)
  • These are good basic low cost exercise items to have for at home use as well
  • Leave other valuables at home or in your car


  • Bathrooms? There are no bathrooms at the park. Go prior. There are bathrooms at local shops that are 5 minutes away.
  • Masks? Masks are not required.
  • Is bootcamp for beginners or what if I have been inactive for awhile? Before attending bootcamp, if you have been inactive for awhile, please gradually build up your physical activity level. This is so that your body has had some preparation leading up. You can do walking. You can do jogging on soft surfaces like the grass or track. Stretch your legs (hamstrings, quads, and calfs) before you get active. When you start bootcamp, your body will be more ready, and you’ll feel confident ready to go.
  • I want to come, but it’s hard to arrange child care, so can I bring my kid? If you feel your kid is independent and well behaved to be on their own, parents have brought their kids with them to bootcamp. The kid sits along the sides where bootcamp happens.
  • Lates? Join the class when you arrive.
  • Absent? That session is counted if you are on the 4 week programs. However, you can have someone replace you for that session so it gets used by someone. In some special cases, or in cases where the participant notifies of a situation ahead of time, adjustments may be made.
  • Shared equipment? Equipment will not be shared this year due to safety requirements.
  • Sanitizer? There is sanitizer for people to use at the end of each session.


  • To pay by etransfer, etransfer an amount above to and make the password BOOTCAMP.
  • To pay by credit card, call 604 754 8300 or request to be called and it will be processed over the phone. You can also email and request to be called.
  • To pay by cash or cheque made out to Tee Live Fitness, you can visit the gym at 7767 145A St Surrey.
  • *After payment, you will be sent a receipt/confirmation to your email.